Membership Retention and Recruiting Systems for Golf Clubs. (MRRS)  - T&Cs.

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What does the club have to do?

The program is designed to minimise resource requirements on Clubs. This frees the club to focus on analysing the information and developing retention and recruiting strategies.MRRS provides all the expertise and resource required to implement the programs. We will liaise with your web provider and management software provider. To customise the program we will require information on membership bands etc. Most clubs have this readily available.


The data gathered by the survey will be managed as required by the 1998 Data Protection Act. The information derived from the data may well be commercially sensitive for the Club. MRRS will, if required, enter into a non-disclosure / confidentiality agreement with the club.

Sign Off

The club will be required to approve the draft program and sign off the design.

Data Entry

There will inevitably be some paper surveys that require transcribing. MRRS has the resource to do this (at a cost.) Some clubs prefer to use their own clerical resource or even their own members to input the data. All manually input data is validated by our systems. Should the club wish to send some surveys by mail the club will be responsible for postage and origination costs.

Web Site

There will need to be some simple additions to your web site (hyperlinks.) MRRS can do this for you or liaise with your web administrator.


The draft program is sent to the committee for approval; on sign off an initial sum due. Once payment is received the survey is sent to the membership and the initial program completed. Final payment becomes due on presentation of the standard reports to the club. Workshops etc. are paid after delivery.