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How do we Recruit cost effectively?
“The Best Recruiting Sergeant is a Happy Customer”

The idea of “Marketing” a Golf Club is a new concept to some clubs. The industry has gone from having 1 vacancy available for every 12 golfers to 1 golfer for every 12 vacancies.
In any competitive market knowing who is most likely to buy you product (membership) is vital in targeting advertising. A brief look at a sample report shows that marketing to the corporate market would have been a waste of time and money for this club.
The results of your initial survey will provide the basis for a structured marketing plan. MRRS will help you interpret the results of your survey and, if required, implement a web based  marketing program.

Marketing information

Plain English

Marketing information
Marketing Jargon

  • Know what you have to offer.

Derived from initial MRRS survey. Why are your existing members at the club?

Identify your U.S.P.s

  • Offer what you know you have.

Describe your Club in 20 words (or less)

Define your Proposition

  • Know who wants what you have.

Use Sport  England, EnglandGolf etc.  data to find the customers in your area suiting your offering.

Identify your key


  • Offer what you have to those who want it.

Select promotion methods which your target market access regularly

Develop a channel marketing strategy

Review and Repeat

As with Retention, Recruiting is an iterative process. As more people join, identifying why they were attracted to your club and using that information to recruit more is vital.