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Management Reports

The initial survey generates a large amount of data. An average would be 350 survey replies.  This can be as many as 20,000+ data elements. MRR systems verifies the data and transfers into a database. From the database various reports can be produced.

Every club will generate different data,  the example below  is from a real example and showed recruiting opportunities by developing imaginative membership options for Seniors. It also identified a recruiting opportunity through the Senior members.

Member Reports Click Here

The rating of the club facilities by members and their comments can be made available in the members area of the club web site. The format and detail of these reports is the choice of the club. A popular style is that used by Amazon ™ in their product reviews with 1 to 5 Star ratings and comments. When the initial survey is finalised the member report format can be chosen.

Days of Play

The preferred days of play rarely come as a surprise.
 Most clubs will have a rough idea of when the course  is busy.

The graph does identify spare capacity that could be used to generate green fees, without disrupting member.

Looking in more detail can provide greater clarity.

Playing days by age group

If we examine the breakdown of  preferred days of play by age groups a different picture appears.

56+ playing habits

Drilling down into the data shows some opportunities for a Senior led recruiting drive. Perhaps a temporary early week membership to attract other Seniors?