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How Do We Retain More Members?

Retaining  customers in now a major focus for all companies and has evolved in to a separate discipline  called Customer Relationship Management (CRM) There are many varieties of CRM but they all have the same central theme  TWO WAY COMMUNICATION. EnglandGolf and G.C.M.A. both have examples of retention and recruiting methods. Where does the resource come from?

Step 1

Identify the features of your club which your members appreciate  and those which are less popular.


A comprehensive survey of all members with incentives to complete the form. The survey also gathers data for a recruiting program.  SAMPLE SURVEY


Using your web site and club management software MRRS will deliver, collect and analyse the survey electronically.


Management  then reviews the results of the survey and develops an action plan. The plan is then fed back to members with the results of the survey.


As the action plan is implemented, newsletters report progress. Member perception of progress is monitored by surveys focusing on the problem areas.

Collect the vital marketing data electronically:

Securely verify and parse all data and sources:

Analyse data and produce graphical management reports:

Recommend Recruiting and Retention programs: